Saturday, October 29, 2011

School Work

Cooper doesn't bring home a lot of school work home, I think they keep it for the memory box. He did bring this sheet home this week, I was amazed. He hasn't always been the best at coloring. I thought his tracing was pretty good too. Of course what do I know, I'm going to be proud no matter what.
Speaking of school, he got to wear his costume on Thursday and take in treat bags. Of course I took pictures of us making the treat bags, and carving a pumpkin that night.....but I broke our camera! Yup, that is the second camera I broke this year. This picture and other pictures from here on out will be coming from my phone.


Susie said...

Good coloring!! That stinks about the camera!! I would be lost without mine!!

ginmommy said...

That's a really good job on the coloring!

Jaime Mac said...

The coloring looks good!
Boo for the broken camera...but YAY for buying a new one! :)