Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend Recap

I really need a better title than weekend recap. There just wasn't much to choose from.

Steve's parents called on Thursday to ask if we wanted to go out shopping Friday night and they would watch the boys. Heck yea! These Christmas gifts aren't going to buy themselves. The boys are done but there are plenty more to buy. We also stopped by Panera for a quick dinner. I can't begin to tell you how nice that was. Steve got my drink for me and picked up our food when it was ready. It felt good to be waited on. We didn't have a lot of time yet we still managed to grab quite a few gifts. We got Cooper a devotional as a stocking stuffer. He loves to check things off each day, I'm looking forward to starting it with him.

We hung out at home most of the day Saturday. Steve went to the IU game but he didn't leave until 2. You had to be living under a rock this weekend, or perhaps in Mexico, to not know how it turned out. He almost didn't go because we had been so busy lately, I'm glad he went. He said it was the best atmosphere he has even been to for any sporting event. I met up with Tracey and the kids for dinner at McDonald's and they came back here to play for a bit.

Sunday we had church then I went out shopping. I am now 100% finished with shopping. In three hours I hit up Walmart, Best Buy, Old Navy, the mall, and Kohls. It feels good. Now on to wrapping. I am hoping to get finished in the next day or two so I can spend my nights blogging about all the fun stuff we have going on this week.

After dinner on Sunday we went to Bass Pro to check out all their fun activities. Turned out to be a total bust. We didn't realize it doesn't even begin until 7 and we got there way too early to stick it out. We didn't tell Cooper what we where we there for, he just enjoyed walking around. We didn't even get some roasted peanuts because they were closed. Bummer!!!
Did you know they have a live turtle? Because I didn't. We tried to get a picture of Cooper and Cameron in front of the Christmas tree,

then some random boy jumped in. We have no idea who this is. He just jumped in for his picture then walked away.

Since we didn't get our snack we went to Krispy Kreme for some donuts, check out this cuteness! It was yummy too!

Another great weekend! Lots more fun stuff planned for this week and Steve has a 4 day weekend coming up.


Jaime Mac said...

How awesome that Steve was at that BIG game! He witnessed history! Too bad he didn't take many pics! :(

ginmommy said...

BA HA HA, I think that's hilarious a random kid jumped in. Oh, and even in Mexico I knew about the game, it even traveled down there :)

Tracey said...

Nice of Steve's parents!! And, yay Steve for waiting on you. :)

Go IU.

And, hilarious random kid picture!

Jill said...

Love that Steve got to be there, but jealous, too! ;) Love the random kid pic and that you went with it and took the pic anyway. And so glad you and your man got a night away. We need those every now and then. :)

The McAfee's said...

yeah, i was totally jealous with him being at the game too. happy but jealous! ;)