Saturday, December 17, 2011

Annual Murphy Christmas Party

Tonight was the annual Murphy Christmas party. It was much more low key than years past. One reason being it was held much later in month and the reason for that was this precious addition to the Murphy family, Aiden Murphy. Despite having a two week old the party and the decorations were beautiful as usual.

Melanie did take a break this year, instead of cooking for everyone we had a pitch in. Everything was delicious!

This was the first time since Cameron was born, 15 months ago, that Steve and I have been together with friends past their bedtimes. It was so odd. I would be off chatting with someone and I kept thinking I needed to go check on Steve to see if the kids were bothering him. I wasn't use to all this freedom.

Tracey and Eric passed us on the way there and we started up a texting conversation. Eric was listening to a lecture and Steve was driving slow so he could listen to the IU game, we each needed something to do.

I tried to get a good serious one of us but it didn't work.

There was an ugly Christmas sweater contest, only three people participated and one of those took a sweater and pinned Christmas cards on them. I guess he had kept some old ones cause he had this one on there. A few years ago Paul and Tracey were having a Patriots vs Colts battle. All of our friends got this card in the mail...notice the Patriots hat on the snowman.

This was on the inside. That is NOT Tracey's handwriting. Yup, Paul and Gretchen sent those out.

We had a great night, Steve's parents came over to watch the boys so we got home and they were both in bed asleep.

Thanks for the invite Matt and Melanie, it's always something I look forward to every year.


ginmommy said...

Sooooo sad, I missed it. :((((

The McAfee's said...

FUN! I love seeing her decorations!

Tracey said...

Melaine is the bomb.

Love that picture of you and me! A lot!!

How funny that both our husbands were ignoring us the whole way?

melanie said...

Loved seeing everyone and having theparty. We might be starting a new tradition. Thanks for everyones help. Great to see the Lees