Thursday, December 29, 2011


Cooper got a box of science experiments from Steve's parents. Him and Steve wasted no time getting started. Cooper needed his goggles as well, it also appears he is taking a picture of either himself or the box. His new camera is fun, we played with it today for a while. All the experiments you can make are edible. They worked on fizzy drinks.

I was able to catch the fizz in action.

Cooper chose a grape drink. Oh my it was horrible! He kept drinking it like it was good, after a few drinks he said his belly hurt. Yeah, it was that bad. All week we kept saying we were going to do more but never got around to it. One thing we can do is make rock candy, I think that one sounds fun.

We went to Target yesterday for a few things. Cooper is always noticing things and asking me questions, he thinks I know everyone for for some reason. When we got home he asked me who that man was. The one sitting on the bench with a sucker that had smoke coming out of it. Yup, my kids are sheltered.

Steve's parents got me a super cool new IU pullover. I have been wanting to get some type of new IU cold weather apparel for a while. It's nice and comfy.

We are planning on going to French Lick next month to the water park and staying the night. This will be the first time we have any type of overnight stay since having kids. I know it sounds crazy but with one income vacations and trips were a priority. I know Cooper will have no trouble sleeping but I think Cameron has only slept in his pack and play one time and that was a short nap the day we moved, so we are a little worried how he will do. I'm pretty sure we will be okay. He fell asleep on the way home from the grocery today, we haven't had lunch yet so I wanted him to wake up. I laid him down on the floor and he stayed fast asleep even while Cooper was taking off his shoes, socks, and jacket. I guess if all else fails just take a drive before bed.

I usually never take down Christmas decorations before New Years but it is now all down and put away. I was quite proud of myself, I did all on my own, including the heavy boxes that needed to be carried back to the basement. I love not having to rely on Steve to get up in the attic anymore.

Cameron is about a week shy of having all 4 molars in. Yesterday he seemed to be in a great mood, but Wednesday I felt like I was reliving the first few months of his life. He cried and whined for about an hour straight before dinner. He woke up last night around 4:30, didn't cry at all, just said da-da a couple times and went back to sleep.

Now this is extremely random but I find it neat. The island of Samoa is moving from the east to the west side of the time zone line. The bulk of their trade is from Australia is which I guess is 23 hours ahead of them. They will go to bed on Thursday and wake up it will be Saturday. I guess if you are going to lose a day it's best to lose a work day.


Beth, Joshua, Isabella and McKinley said...

French Lick is nice... It's no Great Wolf Lodge, but I know the boys will have lots of fun!! Glad you had a Merry Christmas!!!

Jill said...

Love the science experiment kit. That looks so cool and I love your IU jacket, too. Too cute! You boys will be fine and adjust on your road-trip. I'm sure you'll make some wonderful memories.

Jaime Mac said...

I'm sure the boys will love the water park! You'll have fun!
(I don't know which way you will drive to get there, but it's only about 45 min west of us. If you come Hwy 150, think of me when you get into Palmyra! Before you get to Fredericksburg (seriously ghetto town) you will only be about 10 min from my house...I'm off the highway, of course...)

The McAfee's said...

Love the IU shirt. Science you can drink? cool!! Let Cameron practice sleeping in the pack and play at home. you can set it up in his bedroom just so he gets used to it. French lick is a great place and will wear them out so i bet they will have no trouble but it wouldn't hurt to practice!

ginmommy said...

I'm so glad you are going to French Lick for some family fun! I agree, let Cameron practice, but as well as he can sleep on the floor, I'm betting he will do ok!

Susie said...

French Lick is where I am taking 2 of the grandkids next month too. Maybe we will see you all!