Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bunco Christmas Dinner

We had our Bunco Christmas dinner last night. Only five of us showed up, that was a bummer but we made the the best of it. We met at El Nopal so how could we not make the best of it?After dinner we had an ornament exchange, notice my rockin box up there? I got Tracey's gift, it was this adorable candy ornament. I love getting to add fun ornaments to my tree.

My favorite part of the night had to be when I got home and walked in the door. It was about 10 minutes before the boys bedtimes. Cooper ran up to me like he was going to give me a hug then stopped short. I knelt down and noticed Cameron as running toward me as well, I told Cooper he better finish it cause Cameron was going to beat him. They both crashed into me at the same time.! I love those guys so much.

Thanks for a fun night out Bunco gals!

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ginmommy said...

You look so pretty Jami! As does Tracey of course :) I miss you girls.