Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

After breakfast this morning we had a relaxing day at home before it was time to go to Uncle Scott's. We go each year for dinner and presents with his aunt and cousins. Cooper and Cameron waited patiently to eat by watching Polar Express.

My mom also stopped by before heading to work. She works the night shift on weekends, Christmas is no exception. We also all wore our matching pajamas. We normally wear them Christmas morning to Steve's parents but we are going to church in the morning.

Scott keeps a Bible in his coffee table, his house is small so we always move it in the hallway and we always forget to get it out. It's a good thing we keep up with technology because cousin Randy was able to read the Christmas story from my iPhone. Each night before bed Cooper and I tell each other our favorite things. He said tonight his favorite thing was Randy reading the real story of Christmas.

It doesn't quite look like he is listening all that much.

When it came time to open some gifts Cameron was into my phone. I have an app that is called Paint Sparkles, Cameron likes to play with it.

Cooper tore into everything in about 5 minutes. There was so much wrapping paper flying around. I still don't even know what all they got.

Once he gets a hold of this phone he doesn't put it down.

Steve's cousin Ricky got Steve a Bears jacket and I got a Colts one!

Since we are going to church tomorrow morning instead of going tonight we were able to call it an early tonight and get the kids to bead pretty much on time. Of course not before we put out a little reindeer food. I'm not for sure why my flash wasn't working.

Last but not least we set out cookies for Santa.

We have had such a blessed day and there is still more to come. I can't wait to see my children's faces tomorrow morning.


ginmommy said...

I love the last pictures, with the tree and cookies and milk. What a fun night!

Tracey said...

I am coveting your jacket.