Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Ornaments

Welcome to my tour of Christmas ornaments. I wanted to document some of my favorite and most special ornaments that we have. Steve moved out of his parents home in the summer of 2003 and we were engaged that October. That year we went out and picked out a tree and some ornaments to get us started. Although we weren't married yet, this one serves as our first official ornament together. Someone, either my mom or Steve's parents, bought us this one the year we got married.

We went to Disney World on our honeymoon and got lots of ornaments. I love this one! We went back tw0 other times before kids so we have lots of Disney ornaments.

This are two of my favorite; the Mickey ears and star. They have bells inside so they jingle.

On one of our trips to Disney I bought us and my mom the castle ornament. She gave it back to me last year. Then this year she came over to look at our tree and asked me if that was the Disney castle. She forgets easily.

We got the next three in Disney as well, the three years we went; 2004, 2005, and 2007. I am hoping the next says 2014. What a good 10 year anniversary family trip together.

My mom bought both of these the years Cooper and Cameron were born.

No tree is complete without the homemade ornaments. Cooper brought this one home from school this week.

Steve's parents got us these a couple years ago as stocking stuffers. They also play a song and light up. The Bears ornament is running out of batteries and doesn't work well now. Kind of sounds like the Colts season.

This lovely gem came from my mom. We don't watch Spongebob so I have no idea why we kept it but Cooper likes it. He moves this ornament about every other day and puts in a new space. I think all kids should have one ornament they can play with. Christmas trees are fun and shiny, we can't expect them to keep their hands off all the time, can we?

This one is one of my favorite ornaments as well. I got it at the Murphy's Christmas party a couple years ago. It was part of the gift exchange. Gretchen, do you recognize it? Gretchen brought it, I thought it was cute. So it now proudly hangs on our tree.


ginmommy said...

LOVE IT! Miss you girlie!

The McAfee's said...

How fun!

Jaime Mac said...

Love all the ornaments & the meanings. Yes it is unreasonable to assume kiddos won't wanna touch the pretty, shiny tree. Cats too... :)

Jill said...

I love hearing stuff like this, too! It's neat how things become meaningful to people and the stories behind it. I may steal your idea! ;)