Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Just Playing

Each year after Christmas I feel like I need a day to detox, Monday was not that day. After a crazy trip to Target and loads of laundry it was a crazy day. Today was not going to be a repeat. I declared it pajama day. Cooper loves pajama day, I love it when they can wear super cute matching ones. Scott got them Darth Vadar pj's for Christmas.

If you have never seen the Jake and the Neverland Pirates video, Roll up the Map, you need to youtube it. Cooper loves this song and it has a catchy little tune. We got him the CD as a stocking stuffer, he danced around the living room to the entire cd this morning. Cameron just did is own thing, until Roll up the Map came on then he was all over it too.

What did I do during all this? I relaxed on the bean bag.

Seriously, check out this awesome music room. We had a rock concert as well today.

I even rocked it a few times.

This little guy is adorable at pretty much whatever he does. We are officially down to one nap a day. Unless we happen to be out and he falls asleep in the car. He's a trooper and makes it till 2 at times, but that's only because I want them both to sleep at the same time.

Cooper has never been a big car fan, but he does love ramps. Mamaw and Papaw got them this one, it's huge!

Steve calls this basketball goal his buyer's remorse. It's not as big as we had thought. I told him we should just take it back, it's not like Cameron will know the difference. Of course he had already put it together and demolished the packaging. Oh well, I'm sure he will still play withIt's been nice to just sit back and play all day long. Cooper was exhausted when it was time to try and nap. He fell asleep pretty much as soon as he laid down. I know the days are coming to an end when he naps so I'm trying to milk it for all it's worth. I got all our Christmas boxes out and plan to have it all down and put away by Friday. I never do this before New Years but I don't want another jam packed weekend, I want a fun one!


ginmommy said...

Looks like a great day to me! Loooove the pajamas! Too cute!

Tracey said...

Look at you, Elton John!!!!