Friday, December 16, 2011

Wee Ones Christmas Party

Cooper had his Christmas party at Wee One's on Thursday. I was so excited that I got to stay for the whole party and help. We had a talk before hand that even though I would be there it would still be school and he was so follow the teacher's directions and they were still the boss. He did great, plus the two moms that coordinated the party led the whole thing, the teachers took a backseat. Amy and Stephanie, the coordinators, did a terrific job of keeping the kids occupied and had plenty of activities and games planned. My cousin and I signed up to coordinate the Valentine's party. Little did we know that is the hard one. Christmas has Santa and a gift exchange and Easter has the Easter bunny and an egg hunt. We need to start planning now!

Once the teachers brought the kids downstairs they went started right in on some crafts. They made reindeer food and an ornament.

Next up were the games. The first was a relay. They took turns "racing" with a marshmallow or Hershey kiss on a spoon to dump in a stocking.

Cooper was in a group with his friend Josiah. He also goes to speech with Josiah. I was able to meet and talk to his mom for a while, super sweet lady. She home schools his older siblings and his dad is a pastor in town so his schedule is flexible enough to bring Josiah to speech, it really the first time I met her all school year. I was a little sad to hear she home schools, Josiah is a kid I would like Cooper to continue being friends with as they continue in school. His mom said it has really helped Josiah having someone in speech with him that he knows from school as well.

The next game was a marshmallow toss into a snowman. It took a lot of self control for Cooper not to eat the marshmallows. We have nicknamed him marshmallow boy.

Next up was freeze dance. This was hilarious! At first he wasn't dancing, he was really just feeling the music. Once we got into it he was all business.

He was all business about freezing as well.

Their final game was Santa Says. We play Simon Says, and at time Mickey says, a lot so he did great at this.

After all the games Ms Amy, the director, calmed the kids down with story time. They had a special visitor that was about to arrive.

I tried my best to get Cooper's reaction as the special visitor came down the stairs.

They all then got a turn to sit on his lap. I wasn't close enough to hear what he told Santa he wanted. His teacher looked over at me and told me Walkie Talkie's and Bernstein Bears movies. I know about both of those but didn't realize Santa was bringing both. Santa uses different wrapping paper so it's good I know about this.

After Santa it was snack time, I went a little overboard and gave him too much icing. I think it was even too much for him, he took two bites and didn't want the rest.

The last thing they did was have their gift exchange. I had already put my camera up for that. Cooper got transformer cars. They aren't the Transformer brand, but that's basically what they are.

It was such a fun morning. I am so very thankful I can be there and do this with him. I can't wait for all the other parties and picnic's to attend. It was also great to meet some of other moms, the ones I don't already know. I know at least two other moms who have other children that will be in the same class as Cameron.

Listen up Amy- I may beat you to the Christmas and Easter parties in the future and leave you with Valentine's :)


The McAfee's said...

LOVE this time of year! I think doing stuff like this with your kids is so fun!

ginmommy said...

Such fun times!

Amy said...

Haha!!! I might retire from planning after next year, and just help out. :)