Thursday, August 25, 2011

Teen Crushes

Time for another blog off. Today's topic is teen crushes... or adult crushes if you must. I was honestly drawing a blank of some of these until I started reading others blogs. Here goes..

My first and most important crush was Joey Joe McIntyre. Thought I was going to marry that kid. Yes, my room was covered in NKOTB posters. I shared a room with my sisters so I'm pretty sure there were more Jordan and Donnie posters but they may have left me a space or two. My mom would take us to all their Louisville concerts and I dressed up in full New Kids gear. If I ever run across a picture I will upload it. Crazy stuff.

My next crush was Travis Ford from the UK basketball team in the 90's. I am ashamed to admit we were UK fans in the day, my dad still is, luckily I grew up and know better. I had Travis's book and everything. He was an awesome basketball player for only being 5'9. At one time he held the record at UK for most consecutive free throw made. It was in the 80's or something. Don't foul him people!!!

Do you remember a little movie called Pearl Harbor? I had a major crush on one of the actor's and it's not Ben Affleck. Josh Hartnett!! He is a cutie, crazy hair and all. Orlando Bloom is another. And I can say I did stalk him. Do you remember when they filmed the movie Elizabethtown in Louisville? I was working downtown and a friend and me would stalk the locations. We caught him walking out of the Brown Hotel one afternoon. There were screaming girls, he had just enough time to smile and wave before getting into the limo. Oh and then there is Edward Cullen. Notice I said Edward and not Robert Pattinson. Edward is much hotter.

Last but not least---- PEYTON MANNING!!!!! Stay away Tracey.... he is mine!!!! He's really not all that cute, but what he lacks in looks he totally makes up for on the field. Get well soon Peyton, we need you out there.


April said...

I didn't know if I ever told you this or not, but I saw Peyton Manning play when he was in college. I'm from Tennessee and a big UT fan! He even came up in the stands and directed the band for a little bit. :)

The McAfee's said...

UK? YUCK! I can't believe you've never told us that before! lol! Daniel is very upset about Peyton being out right now. :(

Nice post!

Jaime Mac said...

Good post! This is fun!

ginmommy said...

Josh Hartnett is a cutie!! This has been a fun topic! I've been giddy reading all of these ;) Oh, and Paul was yapping last night about ol' Peyton!

The Utley Crew said...

Travis Fords' mom works with my mother in law and she was my husband's teacher! I could totally hook you all up! hahaha! Kidding, of course! And, I met Eli Manning on vacation while in college. Me and all of my friends hung out with him and all of his friends all week. (my husband still teases me about my 70 million dollar boyfriend-ha!), but I always thought Peyton was cuter and I was secretly hoping that he would offer to hook me up with Peyton, but alas, it never happened! haha! This blog off is a fun one, for sure!!

Tracey said...

I think Josh is a cutie too!!

Peyton...Ahhh! He makes me smile.