Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fun Saturday

We had an awesome Saturday. We started off by enjoying our morning with windows open. I am longing for fall. I was looking outside today envisioning where the mums can go.

I learned at breakfast that Cameron knows where is tongue is. We had fun playing downstairs this morning. Cooper was tackling us and laughing. Cameron acted as if he wanted to join but decided it safer with toys. After Cam's morning nap we headed to Speed Park. The weather was just perfect.

Afterwards we headed to McDonald's for lunch. It's the only place my whole family can eat for under $10.

After dinner this evening the Reid's came over for Smores. Of course it hasn't rained all summer and the one night we planned on being outside it does rain. And of course after we make the Smores in the microwave, the sun comes out. Oh well, I'm sure the kids didn't mind.

Maggie is just too sweet and adorable! Cooper and Levi were playing and wrestling around, Cooper was laughing so hard he was out of breath. Such a good night with friends, we need to do this more often.


The McAfee's said...

what a fun day! maggie is adorable and I think tracy is so pretty!

ginmommy said...

What a fun day!!! Love that you got to hang out with the Reid's, just wish we could have been there too :(

Tracey said...

You got great pics at the park! :)

We had a lot of fun coming over. Why the heck don't we do that more often?!!

Alicia...that is very sweet of you to say. :) :)

the lewis gang said...

what lovely weather it is!! so wish i could be off to enjoy it!