Thursday, August 4, 2011

Guess where I've been?

I was feeling a little wild this week so I texted Gretchen and asked if she was up for a play date, the boys and I were heading down. Sometimes I feel like I went to bed, woke up and Gretchen was gone. Yes, I did have some warning but to be honest I was in denial the whole time. Their last few weeks here are a blur to me since it was right after Cameron was born. Our kids haven't had a "real" play date in over 10 months. I say real because we have gotten together obviously for birthdays and the blogger play date, but no old fashioned play date. One with no rushing around, no entertaining, just getting the kids together, eating some hot dogs and having fun. That was our plan for today.

I got the portable DVD player charged up and ready to go. I had to take a picture of our contraption here. The holder fastens on to the headrest of the front seats. I can take the player off while driving, but there is no way I can put it back on. Whatever I put in while still in driveway, had to last the entire trip. Plus, changing lanes is a little difficult. I have to say the drive down there was awesome. I pulled out of McDonald's (gotta get my Diet Coke) at 8:28 and pulled up to Gretchen's apartment at 10:22. Cooper watched Monster's Inc and Cameron slept. The first thing on our agenda was a group picture.

Inevitably my son is going to try in every group picture.

The boys soon got busy on some computer games. Cooper needed some help with the Mac. Pierce was happy to help.

They were so busy on the computer they didn't even notice Hope was getting some cookies at 10:00 am (Bowling Green time). The best part of special play dates are the no rules on sugar.

Insert some more computer time and phone play time and it was time to eat. The Bushes were kind enough to fix an early lunch, since they are an hour behind us, Cooper kept saying he was hungry. Then it was off for more play.

First stop was Pierce's room. Cooper and Hope did a little cuddling.

Then they had a photo bomber.

Next we headed to Hope's room. Cameron had fun with the kitchen set. We almost bought one for Cooper a year or so ago, but had no room. This may have to be Cameron's bday or Christmas gift. He loves things like this. We were in Kentucky, so it's only natural to go without pants on.

The big kids played Ants in the Pants.

Then Cooper got ahold of the camera and took off.

Then the kids played dress up. I think this is a glittery cheerleader? Pierce wanted to wear a snow suit and karate belt and Cooper was Superman. I texted Steve the picture of Cooper and he said he got his muscles from his dad. HA HA!!! If you know Steve, you would know he is super skinny!

Sadly by this time our play date was coming to an end. I had two options; leave around 2:30 to beat rush hour traffic in Louisville and since it was Cameron's nap time it would be perfect for him sleep, or try and give him a nap at Gretchen's only to wake him up and put him in the car seat for two hours. I opted for the first. Traffic was a little bit heavier on the way home, but nothing too bad. About a half hour into our trip the battery went dead on the DVD player. I had the car charger but needed to stop in order to set it back up. This woke up Cameron, he threw his pacifier and started crying. I made him bottle, he drank some and threw it too. I tried to give him a back up pacifier but couldn't reach around the DVD contraption, finally around E-town he cried himself back to sleep and it was peace and quite again. Well almost, Cooper was a little antsy by this time. All in all, they both did great for a total of 4 hours in a car. It was well worth it!!!! I miss my friend dearly and our play dates. It was great to sit back and chat all day. I hope we can arrange a girls day very soon!!!!


ginmommy said...

You are too sweet!! I miss you too....bunches!!! And I TOTALLY appreciate you making the effort to come down. Of course I'll do my own post tomorrow, so don't wanna say too much here. I'll save all my sap for that ;)

Jaime Mac said...

AHHHHHH, I'm so happy you two got to hang out for a bit! Love all the pics by Cooper!

The McAfee's said...

So fun!! I know she loved your visit!! :)

Tracey said...

Very, very cute!!! It's not a bad drive at all! I'm glad you finally got to go...cute pics!