Saturday, August 6, 2011

Beatin the Heat

Can you believe the day we had? Finally, a day that wasn't totally unbearable. We celebrated by heading to the park after dinner. Cooper loves the Wilson Elementary playground. We aren't as close as we once were, but it was a special night. The first time we could really be outdoors in over a month.

Cameron even enjoyed some action. He did have to spend some most of this time in the stroller in order for him not to eat the mulch. Check out those shoes. Those were Cooper's back in the day. I literally had to shove his feet in there. My boys have some wide feet.

Yes, this boy loves his momma.


He actually wanted his picture taken tonight and stopped to smile before doing anything.

Steve just had to be, well Steve. I thought of you on this one Gretchen.

I tried to do a self portrait, Steve decided to be silly and I didn't realize out zoomed in it was. Guess it makes it better.

Looks like it's going to be a good week as well. We may even get to fire up the marshmallow pit (as Cooper calls it) again.


The McAfee's said...

You got some great shots....of Cameron and Cooper! Steve...not so much! ha! :)

Jill said...

Love the sweet pic of you and Cameron and the look on his face when he looks at you. Little boys and their love for their mommies is priceless. We've never been to the Wilson playground, but Kade always says, "slide" when we pass it. We'll have to check it out!

ginmommy said...

I'm loving the break in the heat!!! Cute pics of the kid of course, and Steve......oh my I heart him. :)

Jaime Mac said...

I think I like Steve...:)