Monday, August 8, 2011


I know it may be too early to tell but I do believe my boys will be total opposites. If I had to make a guess I would say Cooper will be my academic and Cameron will be athlete. Not to say that there wont be a sport or two that Cooper will excel at or that Cameron will not do well in school, it's just a feeling I get about them. I do blame myself for Cooper, poor kid got his momma's coordination.

Ever since Cooper was a baby he has always been interested in learning. By the age of one he already knew his animal sounds, certain body parts, pretty much everything on the face. He has always been interested in books and reading. We could always keep him contained by reading for as long as half an hour, even as a baby. There were times we would just sit in his room and read or play with books all evening. Cameron on the other hand, has no interest in sitting still for anything. We try, but it's no use right now. If he is tired enough that he is on the verge of passing out, he might sit still for a book or two, but that is about it. I feel like we haven't worked with him near the amount we did with Cooper. Partly because he won't let us and partly because we don't get the one on one time.

Then there is athletics. We all know Cooper is a bit timid. He just started jumping up and down last fall. He recently started playing on playgrounds and wanting to go down the slides. He's just scared and nervous. This brings me to Cameron. The child doesn't seem to be scared of anything, as long as momma is in the room of course. For someone who can't walk yet he is all over the place. He's the fastest crawler I've ever seen. He climbs into Cooper's bed. He gets himself into situations that I wonder how he will get out of, but somehow he figures it out. Steve and I are already taking bets on over or under the age of 18 months before we hear "thump thump thump, wail" as he tries to climb out of his crib. This should be very interesting to watch as he grows. This will be totally new ride for me.

I keep trying to post a video of the two from this morning but it won't let me. I'll do it in a separate post.

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ginmommy said...

Aren't you glad they are different! Would be boring if they were just alike!