Thursday, March 3, 2011


I thought I would capture a few of my kid's favorite things. Cameron's favorite thing at the moment is to be held or watch and laugh at his brother. He also likes to roll ALL over the floor. He is a rolling machine. There is one thing he does lay still for and this is the wipe refill bag. He loves this thing.
Cooper loves to dance and play instruments. The drums are his favorite. My oh my they can give one a headache. He also likes to watch youtube videos. Today as we were leaving for Jazzercise I asked him what he wanted to do when we got home and and he says watch Chris Tomlin videos on computer. How can I deny that? He wanted to me take some pictures of him dancing. He was getting down. I blame it on all the Jazzercise he did while in the womb. I took my last Jazzercise class with him at 40 weeks and 2 days!

He also loves puzzles. He pulls up his chair and works on two or three at a time.

Here are the one he worked on yesterday. He does them all by himself now. Does that make you jealous, Gretchen?


ginmommy said...

You have no idea how jealous or inept I feel at this very moment ;-)

Tracey said...

Haha! That's cute :) Great pics. Mags loves the wipes refill bag too. Must be the crinkle sounds.

Jill said...

Kade loves Youtube song videos, too. Better than tv. Cracks me up! :)