Sunday, March 20, 2011

Jazz it Off Weeks 2 & 3

As of Saturday, per the scales at Jazzercise, I am down 6 lbs! Yippee!!! My weigh fluctuates so I could be up two or three, considering this weekend, by tomorrow. But hey, I'll take it. We were playing outside tonight so totally did not feel like making anything so we ordered pizza. Not to mention the food I had at a 31 party this weekend. Hopefully I can at least maintain this week.

I do have a small confession. I haven't ran in a week. Jazzercise is my first priority and right now it's hard to get three classes in plus 3 runs. In order to run I have to do it in the evening and some nights it just gets away from me. Between dinner, baths, play time, etc. I haven't given up yet, it just make take a while.

Looking at the calendar there isn't too much going on that could cause me to have bad weeks again until Easter. Of course Easter and my birthday are a week apart. I need to have a good month.


ginmommy said...

You are doing great!!! Proud of you!

Susie said...

Great job Jamie!! Keep it up.
Thanks for the compliment on the blanket. Yes I did make it. I always make a blanket for all the babies in the family.I even make bigger ones for gifts sometimes for adults.

The McAfee's said...

Keep up the good work!! Don't let anything get you down!! You can do it and you are worth it! :)