Monday, March 14, 2011

6 months

Guess who is 6 months old? Boy, am I happy to see that smiling face. It disappeared for a while, antibiotics and Advil are my new best friends. They gave me my happy baby back.

I can not believe we are halfway to a year. The second child sure does fly by. We wont have his check up until he is off medicine but I believe he weighing in around 16lbs and I'm not for sure about he length. He can still wear 3-6 month clothes but is also wearing some 6-9. He still adores his big brother. His smile is priceless when Cooper walks into the room.

Not too many new things since 5 months except he is sitting up on his own for short periods of time, which I mentioned in the previous post. He can also take stroller rides sitting up instead of in the car seat. He likes this much better. He is also eating meals three times a day. He loves squash and sweet potatoes. I found he prefers Gerber to Beechnut on green beans. Also, if I mix peas with some rice cereal he doesn't seem to mind that either. At this point I think he have tried all fruits and vegetables and no bad reactions.

Hopefully this month we can get him healthy, for good and I can keep that smiling baby around.


Tracey said...

He is so adorable, James!!! :) I hope he gets healthy, stays that way and starts sleeping more for you!

Jaime Mac said...

AWWWW! He does look happy in that picture! WOW-it does not seem like 6 months! Time flys!

Susie said...

He is so cute. Glad he is starting to feel better.

ginmommy said...

Happy 6 month birthday Cameron!! You are one cute baby boy :-)

Jill said...

He is a doll! Love that smile!