Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Stolen Pic

I stole this picture from Gretchen's blog. I had a 31 party last weekend and it was been forever since us girls were all together. I didn't think it was going to turn out but at the last minute I got a couple of RSVP's. It turned out awesome. And, would you believe I only got one thing for myself? I ordered some storage totes and such for the boys rooms. I need a serious plan to reduce some clutter. Thanks for coming girls, I appreciate it.


Jaime Mac said...

I like this pic! Sorry I couldn't make it! :( Also, uhm, I noticed that Miss Melanie appears to be the only one wearing Premier?! Tsk, tsk girls! ;)

Tracey said...

Haha, Jaime...I actually changed clothes right before the party. I was at a baby shower and had on my turquoise jewelry!! ;)

James...had a great time! :) I miss you.