Saturday, March 19, 2011

Big Brother

Cooper is turning into such a great big brother. I can just see how much he loves Cameron. Sometimes if I have to walk out of the room and Cameron starts crying I can hear Cooper saying, "it's okay bubby, Mommy be right back". He loves to hug him, give him kisses, and soon I'm sure do some wrestling. Cameron likes chewing on Cooper's little people. I guess they are Cameron's now, Cooper has grown out of them. We had a few out in the living room. I put Cameron in the exersaucer so I could clean up lunch, I turn around and here comes Cooper with an arm load giving them to Cameron. So cute!!! It's also adorable when I hear Cooper call him Cam. I love it!

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The McAfee's said...

it is soooo fun to watch siblings!! boys are so fun!