Thursday, November 17, 2011

Remember When?

Remember when we first moved in and our backyard looked like this? Then a few months later they got to work and it started to look like this?

Here we are today. They are finally done drilling and laying underground pipes and have all the stakes set up. I'm sure they will start digging soon. Notice you can see all the houses in the back that our neighborhood backs up to? They weren't visible before.

I also have this to look at out by living room. This in equal in size and beauty to the one next to my driveway. It has at least doubled in size since I took the picture earlier today.

On a positive note we got our check from the electrical company due to the damage they caused. That was super quick! Steve is planning on going to Best Buy at midnight on Black Friday to get a good deal on a tv and maybe computer. As fun as it sounds, we don't have a babysitter that night. I am sure I will appreciate my sleep that night when the kids wake up the next day.


ginmommy said...

Hopefully you get good neighbors!

Tracey said...

Feel your pain...they are building behind us. :(

Yay for a new tv tho!!

Jaime Mac said...

Wow, they are making nice piles of dirt for Cooper to play in! :)
(And if you girls want 'no one around to hear you scream for miles', please come to the sticks with me. I'd LOVE to have ya!)