Thursday, November 24, 2011

Breaking Dawn!!!

Last night was 16 months in the making but it finally happened, we got to see Breaking Dawn part 1. I know some of you aren't crazy Twihards like myself and the rest of the girls so you might think we are bit crazy, just let me indulge you for a while. As you may remember it was just Jaime and I last summer when Eclipse came out. I was 7 months pregnant and remember thinking my unborn child would be 14 months old before the next one came out. That is a long time folks! Since then our group has grown. Tracey and Gretchen joined in on the fun shortly after Eclipse came out and Karen and her friend Jen joined us as last minute guests. They had planned on going opening night but that fell through, we were delighted to have extra company.

I was so stinking excited Wednesday morning. Justin Beiber was on The Today Show and I almost became a fan, just to have something to be giddy over.
We started our night off with dinner at Puerta Vallarata. I made that executive decision a while back, I usually let others make that call but if I was having a night out on the town than by golly Mexican food was going to be included.

We all had our cameras out and flashing away, Karen and Jen didn't, they probably thought we were nuts. Tracey had her fancy camera, I'm almost positive she had on of those long paparazzi lenses in her purse. She had a server take a group shot for us.Once we got in the theatre there were more flashes. Told you I was giddy! I don't get to see Karen often but we had lunch two weeks ago, dinner and movie this week, and she is coming with me to a women's brunch at my church next week. I love it!!! I miss my neighbor!

Once again Tracey bribed a worked to take our picture. I'm sure they are used to it by now. Sadly, Jen was missing.

I also miss this girl sitting next to me. We planned this night around Gretchen's visit back to the promised land.

We had about 20 minutes to kill before the movie so of course we were all on our phones. I thought this one was neat how it lit up Tracey's face.

I asked these girls what would they do if Edward walked in right now, this was the reaction I got.

Once the movie began I put up the camera. I know, big shocker! These movies just keep getting better and better. About a year ago I had read somewhere how they would most likely end this movie, since the last book is broken into two movies. It was spot on. I hated it because you knew it was coming but you didn't want the movie to end. I hope they begin the next movie by replaying the last 5 minutes of this one. So so good!!!

Here's to November 2012!


Jaime Mac said...

FUN! I totally forgot the pic you took about Edward walking in! Hilarious!!!!

ginmommy said...

Oh man, the pic of us if Edward would have walked in, is awesome. I broke into jazz hands or something. Such a fun night! SO happy to be with you guys and love me some Edward.

Tracey said...

What a good time. I'm sad it is over. :( I love the pic of me all lit up. OY. Us and our phones!! ha!!