Sunday, November 13, 2011

Another weekend in the books

I really have nothing to blog about so this may be total randomness. I may also be blogging a bit more these next few weeks, at least until we get our new tv. We turned our claim into REMC on Friday. Turns out it's their fault, they buried the wires in the wrong lot. The builders next door said they would pay to have our yard re-sodded after they come and bury everything again but all electronic loses are to be paid by the eclectic company. REMC seems apologetic about everything so I'm hoping there isn't a hassle. We were conservative on the prices, it could have been a lot worse. So just a warning, you may get posts all about nothing.

Saturday morning the idea of kids finally paid off. Cooper wanted to wash his own dishes. That is oatmeal on his nose by the way.

I got to have lunch with Karen on Saturday. It was so nice to sit and chat. We haven't done that in ages. We sat and chatted for about an hour and a half.

Sunday morning Cameron looked simply adorable, I couldn't resist a picture.

Then Cooper wanted one. He already had his jacket on so I wasn't able to get him in full "church attire".

I was trying to get a self portrait of all three of us when Steve hollers in to me to not break the camera. He walks in and offers to take the picture and guess what.... he almost drops it!

The rest of our day was pretty lazy. I spent some time looking up Black Friday ads. We are trying to figure out a way to go out and get some good deals. I found a few things for the boys I'd like to get.

Tomorrow is my last Bible Study session. We have been studying the book of Jonah. It has been so good. It's been all about listening to God and obeying Him the first time and he He will never set us up to fail. It may seem like a big challenge... but He has our back. Cameron had a slight fever tonight, I think it's teeth related, at least I hope. I gave him some Advil and I hope it's gone tomorrow. I would hate to miss our last session, especially since I made yummy Tollhouse cake.

IU and the Bears both won, by large margins, today so Steve is happy! I won't even mention the Colts. It's pretty sad when local channels stop broadcasting the games. Any other season today's game could have clinched or come close to clinching the division for us. There is always next year.


The McAfee's said...

IU!!!! So happy to watch them play this year!!!!

Tracey said...

I love random posts about nothing, so I will love it! Very cute pics of the boys and of you with them. :) Colts...sigh. :(

Jaime Mac said...

Randomness is ok w/ me too.
I wondered about the Colts yesterday bc I saw Tracey's pic that she was at the game...but the Colts fans were VERY quiet on FB... ;)

ginmommy said...

Cameron looks so cute in that football hat!! Love it :))