Saturday, November 19, 2011

Birthday Celebration Part 2- Outside In Family Fun Place

No birthday celebration is complete with a trip to Outside In Family Fun Place. With Cameron's cough and runny nose we decided it was best for him to stay at home so Steve took Cooper. It worked out well because Cameron was able to get in a morning and afternoon nap, which he needed today. I told Steve he had to send me pictures, because I couldn't not blog about it.

They always have so much fun with they go somewhere, just the two of them. Steve said he had so much fun and even met a friend there and he was the one initiated the conversation. I thought maybe he would be okay to go down the big slide they have but Steve said he couldn't climb up it. He think if he would have been able to get up he would have slid down. The small slide is only for kids 4 and under so this is his last year for it.

He came home and was still roaring with excitement. I would say this place beats Chucky E Cheese in his books. After some lunch and more drum banging we were able to settle him down for a good nap... he was going to need it.