Wednesday, November 23, 2011

4 Year Well Visit and Toys R Us

We had Cooper's four year well visit this morning. Cameron has taken into sleeping in till 8:00 here lately, which is awesome! However, it makes it hard to get out there for 9:00 o'clock appointments when I still have to change and feed him. Especially on morning where Cooper was WIRED!!! More on that later. He was being super silly in the waiting room. We didn't spend much time in there because we were in and out in under an hour. I have spent less time in there the past two visits than I did my one previous before that.

He also wanted one of Cameron. The above picture of Cooper is his Cameron expression.

So we were in and out quick, hopefully it's a trend if we continue with this new doctor. Beth, if you are reading I have been requesting Dr. Morgan. He was a ham for her today. They had be undress him to his underwear and he had on boxers this morning, oh my... super cute! His stats were 38.5 inches for his height which puts him at 25% and 31.25 lbs which is 10%. He has grown 3 and 3/4 inches but has only gained 2.5 lbs. His BMI is good for his height/weight combo so she isn't concerned. He is on target to be about 5'9, last year he was on target for 5'5! It's getting harder to dress him since 4t clothes are so big, especially pants, but 3t are too short. Our only concern was he appears to at times have a lazy eye. Her tests didn't show anything out of the ordinary but she suggested if we were concerned than they could set us up an appointment with a pediatric opthamologist. I'll probably call and see if I can set that up during his Christmas break or after the holidays.

He also had to get his finger prick for a CBC. I had warned him about this so he was asking while we were there. He was so brave and tried his hardest not to cry. He didn't shed a tear until I tried to put his jacket on him and he thought it would make his band aid fall off.

After the appointment we got to make a trip to Toys R Us. He sold donut certificates for school a few weeks ago. The top three sellers got a gift card to Toys R Us. I had turned in orders 2 weeks ago and then got the certificates last week but nothing was ever mentioned on who sold the most. I just assumed he didn't win. Yesterday I was going through his folder after school and he had a gift card. He had Uncle Scott all to thank for this. He busted into our room this morning saying, "hey I got a good idea, why don't we skip the doctor's appointment and just go to Toys R Us". We walked all through the store and he finally chose a Cars fishing game.

You fish for tires. He got a little frustrated in the beginning but I think he is starting to get the hang of it.

I also picked up a reusable bag to store toys in. He played with that thing all afternoon. It kept him busy while I made lunch.

This is half the mess he made with it. We had to make a game out of it in order for him to put the books away. First he had to put away all the Curious George books, then all the hard books, then all the books with blue in it. Kids... you buy them a game and they play with a bag worth a $1.


The McAfee's said...

SOOO TRUE! Why do we buy our kids toys??

Jill said...

Good for Cooper for earning the gift card. And I feel the same way about toys. It's amazing what they can have fun with! :)

Beth, Joshua, Isabella and McKinley said...

oh yeah - love Dr. Morgan too. We haven't any more BAD experiences... sigh... I just wish they wouldn't overschedule Dr. H... or whatever is going on.

Glad your boy is doing well!!!