Saturday, November 19, 2011

Birthday Celebration Part 3- The Party!!!

Finally... the party! I decided to go low key and just have family over. It was the usual; us, Steve's parents, Uncle Scott, Aunt Marilyn, and cousins Tina, Ricky, and even Randy made it in from Texas. He is home for Thanksgiving next week and made it in today. Keeping with the theme of the drums we had a rock star party.We got the decorations from my cousin who had some leftovers and was giving them away. I love free stuff.

We had three types of chili going. My mom's, Steve's mom, and mine. My mom usually makes hers spicy but she cut back today. Steve's mom made some without beans for Steve and Scott. I made your more traditional chili. Although, some one said mine was the spiciest. I didn't think it was and I don't think my kids thought so either...

They ate it up!

Cooper was ready for cake after we had dinner but my mom had to work third shift and wanted to see him open his gifts, once I said open gifts he forgot all about cake.

I wasn't prepared for this but he was able to open up all his gits on his own. He didn't need me. Insert a little tear here. Marilyn and Tina bought got him some Play-Doh sets. He was ready to rip into things as soon as he say them.

This big giant present was from Ricky. It's some type of police chase race track that Steve is still trying to figure out how to put together. Thanks Ricky!

Someone got in a little cuddle time during presents.

Scott got him a Leapster Explorer.

My mom got him some games for the Leapster... funny how those things work out :)

Steve's parents got him some seek and find books, a watch, and something I like to call college tuition fund.

He was all business about this watch. He said he was going to wear it to bed so when he woke up he would know what time it was.

We had cake next and I didn't get any pictures! Boo, bad mommy! I'll tell you what, Jay C makes some yummy white cake.

Scott took Cooper downstairs to bang on the drums some more so we could clean up. Once he got tired of that he came upstairs to play with his new Play Doh sets.

At one point I look up and Cooper is back in the living room and Steve's mom and Aunt Marilyn are both still at the table playing. I don't blame them, sometimes I wish I could play by myself too.

We had such a great night! Thanks to everyone for coming and celebrating with us. Our children couldn't be more blessed.


Jaime Mac said...

Happy birthday, cooper! Looks like a fun party!

The McAfee's said...

Fun, fun, fun!!! Love that watch!! My boys are the same way with a watch! It makes them feel so old!

ginmommy said...

Looks like a great party! Happy 4th Birthday Cooper!! We love you :)

the lewis gang said...

fun party idea!! happy birthday, cooper!!