Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Funny Boy

Cameron is starting to show an interest in using utensils. This is way early compared to Cooper. Just the other day I had to remind to use his fork but he claimed he could only taste the cheese on this mac n'cheese if he used is fingers. Last night while we were having dinner Cameron had a spoon in his hand. He kept trying to stab his pancake with that spoon. He would try one or two times, give up and pick it up with his fingers and do it all over again. It was too cute!
I am so amazed at what a second child picks up before the first child does. He mimics Cooper all the time. I love watching them and their interaction, well when they aren't fighting, ha!! Cameron can sure hold his own.


ginmommy said...

Second kids are always tougher!

The McAfee's said...

It is soooo fun to have brothers!!! :)