Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Our Day in Bowling Green

Time got away from me this past summer and I never made it down to Bowling Green for our annual day trip.  Luckily Gretchen and the kids are on fall break this week too, so we headed down yesterday to spend the day.  And what a glorious day it was!  The weather was perfection. 
Gretchen has been blogging about Jackson's Orchard since she moved down there and it seems like a fun place so that was first on our agenda.  Brittany and her kids also met us there. 
You guys know I'm a fall weather fan, it was darn near perfection out yesterday.  A little chilly in the shade, warm in the sun.  It just smelled like fall.

 It's a weird story, but somehow the kids ended up eating desert for lunch.  We packed lunches but got in line to get drink and decided to go ahead and get all the treats too.  Some of the kids wanted ice cream and you can't just let that melt, so they had desert for lunch.   The ice cream must have made the kids cold so they all ate out in the sun.
The play area at Jackson's is super nice.  
 A favorite for the kids were the slides. 

Cooper said his favorite was the hay area.  They had bales of hay under a big tent to run around an jump on and had tunnels made.  Who knew something so simple could make them so happy.

Round two for the slides. 

 This place was great, hoping to go back next year.  It's like Huber's, but on a smaller, less crowded, less expensive scale. 

Thankful I got to spend some time with this gal too. 
 We headed back to Gretchen's and let the kids entertain themselves with electronics most of the night.  Gretchen whipped up some chili and we stayed until bedtime.  The kids were both fast asleep around the E-town area. 

As always I left with a full and happy heart.  Thanking God for great friends.


Susie said...

Sounds like a fun day!!

ginmommy said...

We had a great day! So happy you were here :-)

Tracey said...

So fun! I'm happy you guys got to go down. I love the pic of the three of you. :)