Tuesday, October 15, 2013

A "Fall" Break Trip to the Zoo

We don't have a lot going on this week so I figured today would be perfect to go to the zoo.  The weather was great and the zoo was pretty much empty, so yes it was a perfect day.
At least it started off perfect.  We were meeting our neighbor Stefanie and her son Aiden, while waiting for them the boys were looking at the big zoo map, which happens to have hay bales in front of it right now for the Halloween decorations.  I didn't really see what happened next but I heard it.  Cameron was laying face down on the concrete.  A complete face plant. After visiting First Aid and 20 minutes of screaming, he was cleaned up and seemed better, fat lip yes, but better.  They gave everyone free carousel rides to help him feel better. 
Everything was decorated for the Halloween party and Cooper had to get his picture in almost everything they had out.  I told him to give me his "soldier" face.

Everything people, everything!

We were making our way back up to the front of the zoo when we ran into the guy from First Aid.  This time he gave us a free train ride. 
It was about this time I noticed Cameron's cheek was swollen, along with his nose, and his mouth seemed out of alignment.  He looked miserable.  He wouldn't eat, drink, or even talk.  I decided to make a doctor's appointment.  Of course by the time we get to his appointment, several hours later, he was much better.  She checked him out and all was okay.  She was concerned about his nose but said it looked better inside than she thought it would.  It was a nasty fall and I have the pictures to prove it.
The first two were right after it happened.

 Then you can see it gets worse as the day goes on.

 This was the one that concerned me.  He looks pitiful!
Thankfully he is okay, just a fight with the concrete and the concrete won.


Beth, Joshua, Isabella, McKinley and AnnaKate said...

Oh man. That makes me hurt. Poor buddy!

Susie said...

Poor Cameron!!

Jaime Mac said...

Stinks that he couldn't enjoy his day bc of the fall. MAN that does look painful & scary! Glad he's ok though!

Granny G said...

Bless his heart! How awful!

ginmommy said...

Poor Cameron :(

Tracey said...

Cute pics before the concrete won!

Poor Cam. Glad he is better! :)

Alicia Mcafee said...

Cooper is hilarious in all those cut outs.

Poor baby!! I am glad he bounced back! :)