Friday, October 4, 2013

It's Fall Break!!!

It's been a full week leading up to Fall Break, but a good one.
Cooper got his school pictures back this week.  Such a handsome boy.

I was picking Cooper up one day when it dawned on me that it was a bit quiet in the car.  I found Cameron snoozing it up, never letting go of his new ball from Uncle Scott though.
I worked at the school today.  It was their quarterly incentive fun day.  It's a school wide incentive program. Once the kids earn $45 Pirate Pride bucks they can buy a pass to the fun day. There are various ways to earn bucks.  Cooper's teacher gives them for behavior, bringing in snacks or Box Tops.   I'm pretty sure Cooper's whole class got to go.  I worked the snow cone station.   They also had face painting, Twister, a dance station, a train ride.  The kids looked like they all had a great time.  Of course I enjoyed myself, I got to see my boy in his element. 


Cooper told me his favorite station was the snow cones, not because I was there but because they tasted good.  Way to show me the love.
My full week has lead to a full and happy heart.  Ready to start our fall break!

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Jaime Mac said...

I love coopers little smile! Great school pic!