Monday, October 7, 2013

Big Splash Adventure {Take 2}

Our fall break adventures officially kicked off Sunday with a trip to Big Splash Adventure.  You may remember this trip almost two years ago.  We hoped, maybe even prayed a little, that this trip would go a little better. 
We borrowed my in-laws GPS, we were afraid there may be flooding and we might have to take a different route.  Steve had the case clipped to his belt like a fancy little fanny pack.  My funny husband.
Luckily we didn't run into any flooding, what I didn't expect was the Orange County Pumpkin Festival.  There was a parade down Hwy 56 between West Baden and French Lick.  The road to Big Splash was closed, the only road.  We detoured around and would have no doubt wound up in some strange house chopped to bits in Silence of the Lambs fashion had we not had the GPS. We made our way back to Hwy 56 on the other side of the resort but it was blocked too.  I took us over an hour and half once we got to West Baden to get to the hotel.  Longer than it took to drive there from Charlestown!  Let the Adventure begin.
We checked in and quickly changed into our suits and headed to the water park.  The kids had a blast!  So much fun!  I can't count how many times we went up and down the slides in Buccaneer Bay. 
 We took a quick break for dinner and headed back to the park.  This time around Cooper got brave enough to go down by himself.  This is the same kid who spend the entire trip last year making footprints on the splash floor.

If going down the smaller slides by himself wasn't enough, let me tell you about this guy! 
I am so proud of him, he went down the big slides too!  He's too small to go down by himself but he still went down.  Steve & I both took him down the slide that shoots you out in the big circle that's kind of like a toilet bowl.  That's the best description I can give you.  A little secret, I'm scared to death of the big slides too.  My fear is that I will fall out the tube, it will flip over, or perhaps get stuck.  On our second trip down my fear came true, we got stuck.  For real people.  You go down the enclosed slide, then it shoots you out into the toilet bowl thing, you go around twice, and then it shoots you down another enclosed slide to finish it out.  On our second trip around the toilet bowl our inner tube got lodged before it could go down the slide.  I had to stand up, on the water slide, to dislodge us and quickly jump back into the inner tube before it shot us down.  Just YouTube getting stuck on a water slide, there are videos out there showing exactly what happened to us.  Freaked me out!
Again, funny husband!  Said funny husband also pushed me under a bucket of dropping water therefore producing the Tammy Fay effect.
We ended the night trying not spend our life savings at the arcade.  We managed to save our nest egg due to over half the games being out of order.

Breakfast was included with our stay so we had quick breakfast, packed the car up (since we didn't think we would make the 11:00 check out) and headed back to the water park for some more fun.
More slides and more slides.  One can get a good work out going up and down those slides, especially the ones with the inner tubes, those things are light.
We played for a couple more hours before heading to play cosmic golf (also included in our stay). 
I couldn't be happier on how this trip turned out.   So, so proud of our boys for getting over their fears.
October 2013
January 2012

We will be back!
Fall break has begun.



Susie said...

A fun place to visit!! Glad you all enjoyed it!!

ginmommy said...

I'm so glad you had a good time!

Jaime Mac said...

UHM getting stuck? That would I'm proud of you for having the forethought to get yourself unstuck. I probably would've sat there & cried...or screamed for help...

Beth, Joshua, Isabella, McKinley and AnnaKate said...

That's a fun place!

Tracey said...

Coop has come a long way! Good for him for conquering fears. That's awesome!! So glad you had a good time.

Alicia Mcafee said...

FUN!! Sorry you got stuck. That thought has crossed my mind a time or two too.

Glad it was fun none the less!