Monday, October 28, 2013

Before and After

 It dawned on me that I never blogged about Cooper's bedroom makeover.  We had plans all year to get him some new furniture, but it wasn't until late summer did I realize I can't have my kindergartner going to school sleeping in a toddler bed.  I searched around and found some furniture we liked then I started looking for bedding.  I quickly realized I couldn't find anything that would match the current orange colors of his walls.  This is the best I could find.  Nice bright orange. 
 We still don't have bedding, partially because I haven't found something I really like and because he sleeps with a large Star Wars fleece blanket so he really doesn't need it yet.  The walls are a bluish gray.  I really like the color and it's something we may not have to ever change.
View from the door.  I can't tell you how many times I have hit my leg on the footboard.  I've gotten 2 nasty bruises.
View from the night stand.   I love having a shelf now.  There was a scratch on the side of the shelf, the side that is against the wall.  It wasn't a big deal and they offered to replace it, but we opted to get the $75 credit.  It's not like it's visible.
 View looking towards the door.  We would like to get some type of decals for the walls, maybe Star Wars.  Something that we don't have to nail any holes for and can easily be taken down.  That bed has come in handy for us too.  Cooper was staying with Scott one night and Cameron woke up in the middle of the night not feeling well so I had to sleep with him in Cooper's bed.  Much better than some rocking chair.
 Cooper isn't the only one experiencing changes.  Steve converted Cameron's bed this weekend.  We are now crib free.
 I don't know how long this bed will last, we also have Cooper's old toddler bed so we may just bring that up and get rid of the crib completely. I can't see Cameron in such a small bed until he's almost 6. 
He's slept in it 2 nights now and has been warned not to get out, so far so good. 


Jaime Mac said...

I love the change to Cooper's room! I think the walls are a great color!

ginmommy said...

Big boys, growin' up!

Tracey said...

I like the color in Coop's room! Big boy!