Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Rainy Hot Mess

For the 1% of my readers who haven't flew the coop to my happy place, also known as Disney World, you will know that it was a rainy hot mess on Saturday.
I had a good plan and we tried, we really tried.  We met my mom, Emma, and Layne in New Albany for the Harvest Homecoming Parade.  Cooper had his first Twinkie today.  He was a fan.
 Cameron on the other hand wasn't a fan.  He appears double fisted but I can assure he only had one.  One Twinkie, some cookies, a slushie, and fruit by the foot was enough for one day.
When we arrived at the parade it was only misting.  We sat quite comfortably under our umbrellas for about 45 minutes and managed to stay dry.  I apologize in advance, I had on a V-neck shirt. 
By the time the parade began the rain was coming down.  We stayed about 10 minutes into the parade before calling it quits.  I call this hot mess number 1.
Our next stop was lunch.  By the time we arrived the rain had picked up a bit, as evidenced by the hair of all the boys.

Our original plan was to go to my niece Hailey's softball game.  Yeah, that didn't happen, so we headed to the mall.  I found myself watching 4 kids in the play area while my mom and Hailey shopped.  Did I mention I was also wearing wet shoes?
By the time we left the mall it was near monsoon level.  I call this hot mess number 2.
I'm glad I had the notion to curl my hair this morning or the hot mess would not have been internet worthy.  Wouldn't you know as soon as we got home the sun came out? 
We may not have had the ideal plans for the day but it all came together in the end. 


Susie said...

It was a very nasty day!! At least you got to enjoy yourself despite the rain!!

Jaime Mac said...

Eh, you're always mess or not. But I feel ya about your hair... rain is the devil for wavy hair that wants to be straight...

Tracey said...

You're a cute hot mess!