Friday, February 1, 2013

It's a Snow Day

Two hour delays don't really do anything for me.  Instead of going to school from 9-11:30, Cooper goes from 10-12.  The extra hour in the morning is good but that also means I don't have time to make Jazzercise and it gives me less time to get things done I would normally do while he was in school.  Snow Days on the other hand a free for all.  I was fully expecting a delay so I was pumped when I found out there was no school at all.  Cooper on the other hand almost cried, he loves school and today would have been a trip to the treasure box for him.  I  knew then  I had to bring things up a notch to make our day worth it.
They started out by having donut holes for breakfast.  This was win-win for all of us, easy clean up for me.

 While most people took advantage of relaxing at home, I took advantage of having time to do fun things.  We met the McAfee's at Chick-fil-A lunch and have fun we did.  We were there for almost two hours, most of which the kids played their little hearts out.  Jake felt it was necessary to wear swim goggles to lunch.  He may need them, you just never know when it's 4 degrees outside.
 This was the best attempt at a group shot.  Poor Cameron.
 Before Chick-fil-A we had went to Target for diapers and of course hit up the dollar spot.  We went right to work once I got Cameron down for a nap.  First up were capsule animals.  We patiently waited to see what we would get.

It's a giraffe!  We bought for the zoo pack.  They also had a farm animal pack, for only a $1 I wish I had gotten both.  Yes, they most likely will get thrown away but it takes about 3-5 minutes for each one and Cooper will sit and just watch, quietly.  Nice activity.
 Next up was a new Star Wars puzzle.  I can't believe this was only $1.  I say it a lot, but I'm pretty impressed with his puzzle skills.   I have to let go and try not to help so much and he does get it.  He does a great job at figuring out the border and looking at the box.  I think we may need to graduate to bigger ones soon. 

It's been a great day, I sure am going to miss this guy next school year.


Alicia Mcafee said...

So fun!! Thanks for asking us!! We had a ball! :)

Tracey said...

Jake's goggles are hilarious! Silly boy.

Levi loves the water capsules too. I think they are fun! Sounds like a good day. :)