Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

I think I've mentioned it before but we really aren't huge Valentine people, obviously, this was last year.  We are going out for dinner next week, cause lets face it who really wants to attempt going out on the actual date.  I think it's funny how single people can't wait for a Valentine date, but when you are married with kids all you would rather do is lay on the couch by yourself eating chocolate.  It all comes full circle.
I started receiving texts yesterday of all the cute ideas friends were coming up with.  I figured I better get on the ball.  We started off the morning with heart shaped cinnamon rolls. 

 We had Community Bible Study this morning so I took these adorable things in for their teachers.  Thanks to Brittany for the idea.  I'm sure teachers get lots of useless stuff as gifts, this is perfect, inexpensive for me and useful for the teacher.
 I somehow convinced Cooper to dress the same as Cameron.  I realize my days are coming to end on this. 
 I just love my little Valentine's! 
 After CBS I picked up McDonald's for lunch, cause nothing says I love you like pretend meat.  Then it was on to heart shaped brownies.

 Scott stopped by after baths to give the boys a few gifts, Cooper got another Star Wars puzzle and Cameron got a Toy Story coloring book.
 We also finally got around to giving our gifts to them.  They both got a Star Wars water bottle, Cooper got a Star Wars book, and Cameron got a Spider-Man spin brush tooth brush.  Cooper got one for Christmas and Cameron is trying to use it all the time.  For whatever reason they have 3 tubes of toothpaste and 5 toothbrushes on their bathroom counter. 
If you think that is all we have, you are mistaken.  Cooper still have a Valentine's party tomorrow. I just love never ending holidays.


ginmommy said...

My kids also have tons of toothbrushes! Why is that?! Looks like a cute V-day to me!! :-)

Alicia Mcafee said...

How do we end up with so many toothbrushes?? We are the same way! I love the matching shirts! :)