Thursday, February 7, 2013

Bike ridin' and Car ridin'

Usually I'm not a fan of warmer weather in winter, mainly because it almost always means severe weather is to follow.  However, I did enjoy soaking it all in a few times this week.  The kids liked it too.  We did some bike riding after naps on Tuesday.  Riding their bikes for almost an hour meant they scarfed down dinner, which almost never happens. 

 Steve and I got to have a date day this morning.  Granted after 8 1/2 years of marriage and 2 kids our date days aren't always for the best reasons.  We had to get some blood work done for a discount on our insurance, it was cheaper to go the lab and the closest one was Corydon, so we made a date out of it.  We are pitiful, pitiful people.  We both were complaining all morning long about being hungry, since we had to fast.  First world problems.   It made matters worse when we got to about the Georgetown exit and we realized we forgot the paperwork.  It took about 40 minutes to turn back around and get it.
Let me tell you about this place we went to.  I'm sure it's used a lot for routine checks for those who don't want to make a doctor's appointment, but it's also a drug screening facility.  I know this because when I used the restroom there was one sign telling drug testers they were not allowed to flush the toilet and another informing us that it was a drug testing facility therefore the water was turned off and we could wash our hands in the sink outside the restroom.  Nice!
Of course going to Corydon meant Culvers!  Wasn't going to pass that up, plus I planned to take full advantage of having to skip a meal.  I totally made up for it.
 That would be a hot fudge peanut butter sundae.  Worth it!
The best part of our day was rocking out to Gen X radio.  I can't believe some of the songs we used to listen to, the lyrics are so dirty.  We had quite a few good laughs.
Hope I passed my drug test... ha ha, just kidding :)


Susie said...

I am loving the nice days also! Glad to see the boys got to enjoy them too.

ginmommy said...

Paul and I do the same thing to get extra money for our HSA accounts, and each time I do it I think ima die. I feel your first world pain.

Tracey said...

Um, that burger looks awesome, and the sundae looks even more so. Oy. I miss sundaes.

Hope you pass your drug test, too!

Alicia Mcafee said...

Yes. That sundae definitely looks worth it! :)