Thursday, February 21, 2013

Celebrating Steve

We've been busy this week.   Steve & I are taking a parenting class at church on Sundays, we got to have a belated Valentine's date night on Monday, and on Wednesday Steve had a basketball game at church and I had a bible study at church.  Wednesday was also Steve's birthday.  Since we both had commitments at church we celebrated on Tuesday.  Now that he is 35 there is no denying the mid-thirties.  
This was our first family dinner since Steve's parents moved into their new patio home last month.  It's so nice and beautiful.  Although they lost some space and square footage, the kitchen and dinning room is much bigger, giving us a lot more room. 
 There really are no words for this kid.

 Since this post is supposed to be about Steve I guess I should include a picture.
Steve's mom provided dinner while I provided dessert.  There was a groupon a few weeks ago for GiGi's cupcakes, check these out.   Delicious!!!
 I wish you could have seen my kids after eating all that sugar, and they only had half a cupcake.  Cameron was swaying in his chair.  Then they both starting wrestling with Scott.  It was a good way to get their energy out before coming home. 

 After dessert it was time for presents.   Cooper has been so excited to give the presents to him.  Steve went to the IU game last Saturday and just before he got home Cooper was begging me to let him give Steve something for Valentine's Day.  I had gotten him a few things for his birthday so I let Cooper give him his new devotional early.
The rest of his gifts included a speaker/alarm clock/docking station of our phones and ipod, Lowe's gift card, and iTunes gift card.  Cooper also wrapped a birthday pencil he got at school this year.  He's really getting into the idea of getting people gifts.  Although he also has a tendency to spill the beans. 
The birthday fun didn't stop there, the celebration continued as IU beat Michigan State on Tuesday.  IU has had a couple bummer games this year but they sure have come ready to plan for the big ones. 
Happy Birthday, Steve!!  We love you!


ginmommy said...

The cupcakes?! DI-VINE. Happy Birthday, Steve!

Tracey said...

GiGi's rocks!! Looks fun! Happy birthday Steve. :-)

Susie said...

Love Gigi's!! Happy Birthday Steve!!

Alicia Mcafee said...

Love that he gave him a birthday pencil!! That is fab!