Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wee One Christmas Program

Cooper had his Christmas Program last night.  I just love these things.  The kids are seriously too cute! 
We had a few minutes to spare so both boys got some Uncle Scott time.
Last year we got there early and really didn't need to.  Well this year everyone who didn't get a good seat last year must have shown up super early and our seats were pretty bad.  My neck is still hurting trying to see in between people's heads and cameras.  This was about the best I could do.
Luckily we were on an end and Steve was able to stand by the wall and video the whole thing.  I think he got most of it.  After we put the boys to bed another mom sent me some pictures, she was sitting right up front.
I did have Cooper in something more festive but it was 75 degrees in or house while we trying to get ready, I actually had to turn on my heat.  I opted for him to be more comfortable instead.
They had some really cute songs and poems this year.  I love seeing his excitement.
Love his little pose!
After the program we had a short reception with cookies and punch.  This one was all about it.
It feels like yesterday we were here for his first Christmas Program.  Which means preschool graduation is going to feel like tomorrow.  Yup, I'm getting there two hours early to get my spot up front.


Susie said...

Love those programs too!! The kids are so cute!!

Jill said...

How adorable. Kade's is next week and I can't wait. Love stuff like this, too! :)

ginmommy said...

So sweet! I just love little kid programs!

Tracey said...

This stuff makes me die from cuteness.