Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tubes and carriage rides

Today was surgery day, a day to hopefully take care of these ear problems once and for all.  We had to be there around 8 this morning with surgery scheduled just before 9.  Not too early and not so late we had to starve him all morning, since he did need to fast.  It's no surprise to me that Cooper came out like a champ.  He has all smiles in the waiting room watching cartoons and all smiles back in triage, especially once he got the Versed.
Steve wasn't really sleeping, but I'm sure he wanted to be.
He was great after the procedure as well.  Only really cried once on the way home, mainly just disoriented.  He kept saying he never fell asleep.  He still insists he never fell asleep while there.  After some food once we got home he was pretty much back to normal, which was good because we had a super fun night planned.
We met Mamaw, Papaw, Uncle Scott, and Jere at Charlestown Pizza Company for dinner, took in some lights on the square, and went for a carriage ride.
It took no time for the boys to convince Jere into getting them a bouncy ball.
We've been to the Pizza Company twice in the past month, boy is it delicious. 
Cooper wanted his picture taken with everyone and of course I couldn't get Cameron to look at the camera at all.
We had a few minutes to look around at the lights before our scheduled carriage ride time.  I reserved a spot thinking it would be crowded and we would have to wait. Wasn't to bad tonight.  I just didn't want to take our chances.  Cooper & Steve took one last year, but it was a first for Cameron and myself. 
I loved the carriage ride.  Awesome, just really awesome.
Of course no trip to the park would be complete without some popcorn.
Just to prove I didnt' stay holed up in the pizza joint all night long, I was indeed there for it all.
This is by far one of my favorite things we have done this season.  Everyone had a great time, the kids loved it.  It's a tradition I hope can be something they will always remember and cherish as they grow older.  A perfect ending to our day!


Susie said...

What a fun night!!

Katherine @ Grass Stains said...

Glad the tubes went so well!

ginmommy said...

I'm so glad all went well and you had a great day!

Jaime Mac said...

Glad cooper did so well! Very impressive that he didn't fall asleep the whole time! :)
Love the dinner & carriage ride pics! I love coopers silly faces!