Saturday, September 15, 2012

Weekend Randomness

Cameron and I had nothing to do on Friday while Cooper was at school, that doesn't happen often.  I like to take advantage of only having one with me and run errands.  Since he goes three days this year I'm hoping to spend at least one of those at home having fun.  We walked down to our student minister's house, him and his wife just had a baby on Monday.  He is such a sweet adorable little boy.  They are in our small group so once things settle down and they come back I'm hoping to get in some baby lovin'.  We came home and had some fun with birthday toys.

I know I'm cut off but I'm also not the cute one. 
Steve's parents came over and picked up Cooper around 2:30 on Friday.  He spent the night with them cause we were hosting small group.  Cameron didn't get up from his nap until 4:30, this left me with 2 hours of relaxing on the couch.  I took a short nap and read my book.  Pure bliss.
Cooper had a soccer game this morning at 11 but it was picture day so we had to be there at 10:15.  I had to go get him first and it was also my day for snacks, I remembered the snacks but forgot the camera.  Our pictures weren't finished until 11:15.  I'm just happy picture day is over, it's never fun. 
Cooper started giving up naps last summer and sometime in the winter I finally gave up trying to make him take one.  There are days here in there I will make him try and 90% of the time he does fall asleep.  Today was one.  He went to the park with Steve's parents, went to bed later, woke up earlier, and spent 2 hours at the soccer field.  He also didn't fight me much on taking one, that's when I knew he would fall asleep.  When he does nap he does in our bed, I love watching him sleep.   He sleeps with a stuffed alligator (from Uncle Scott, of course) he had his hand wrapped around it, I watched as it fell down.  He also snuggles up to me, perfection!
Steve got home shortly after naps then my dad stopped by with McDonald's for the kids a gift card to Kohl's so I can get the some fall clothes.   Cameron has only seen my dad a couple of times and the last time being around Christmas.   I was shocked at how well he took to him, even gave him a hug and kiss before he left. 
Cooper decided tonight he wanted to wear his Halloween costume from 2010.  He put it on and asked for a banana.

 It was around this time I caught Cameron eating soap in the bathroom.  Never a dull moment.  Yesterday I found him on his knees on top of the bathroom counter. 
 This is a picture of school project Cooper is doing.  They have what they call spotlighting, each kid talks into a microphone and tells something about them.  Cooper picked out the picture.  He says his favorite color is blue, he was born in November, has a brother, is 4 years old, and his favorite food is strawberries.  Now he does like strawberries but I wouldn't say it's his favorite.  I went with it though. 
Hope you are having a good weekend, it's been beautiful!


Jaime Mac said...

My fav pic is Cameron eating soap. Oh my word, you're right-never a dull moment. :)

ginmommy said...

Have to love the one-on-one time!

Alicia Mcafee said...

LOVE one on one time!! :) :)