Sunday, September 2, 2012

"All In"

Today was a typical Sunday for us, with the exception we only had one church service so we had an extra hour to spare this morning.   Cooper was been playing this game since he was probably younger than Cameron.  He always loved to line his animals up on the window sill.  Now Cameron likes it too.
The afternoon was spent during our usual as well.  We are pretty boring people!  We played Hungry Hungry Hippos.

 Cameron got his chapstick fix in.  He loves chapstick!  Runs around the house asking for it all.the.time.

 It's the September so I had to make my first pot of chili.  These boys sure do love their chili, which is good because we may be eating it for a number of days.

 We colored for a bit this morning.  I am so impressed with Cooper and his coloring.  His teacher at church even commented on it this morning.
 I didn't have the heart to tell Cameron the lid wasn't off of the marker. 
I think I mentioned this already but our student minister Matt spoke this morning.  He did a fantastic job.  Last summer when Steve was on the search committee he made a comment that Matt would easily fill in for a senior minister anytime.  He preached on being "all in".  All in for Jesus, and what is it in our lives that keeps us from being all in.  He said his was Coke, like the drink not the drug.  He said it's on his mind when he goes to bed and when he gets up. I get it.  I have been the same way about Diet Coke before.  There are mornings when I wake up and just think about when I can get that first drink.   For me it's a number of other things.  It's been television, blogging at times, I've been on a reading kick lately and it's the only thing I've wanted to do in the evening.  I could should be spending time with Jesus, instead I'm reading a book.  I try to justify it by saying it's by a Christian author but it's no excuse.  Bottom line is I need that time with Jesus.  It's one reason I decided to join Community Bible Study.  It's a 9 month long intense study and it keeps me going every night.  There are 6 nights of reading and or questions to answer.  There are so many reasons and excuses we give ourselves, what is keeping you from being "all in"?


ginmommy said...

Hey, we are boring too! Oh, I've got a million excuses and reasons to not be "all in." Bottom line, I'm selfish, and it's a struggle to fight that. I guess until I die, it may always be a struggle, which is sad...

Susie said...

It is hard to be all in sometimes!!

Jill said...

Great, great post, Jami! ;)

melanie said...

it is cute the little things our kids do, and what their siblings do in turn. wow, there are so many things that fill our time, huh? but gretchen hit it on the head. we are selfish people. You are totally right in your bible study. The more you feed the spirit the more spirit minded you will be. It will be awsome when we are there with Jesus! It is already mon night and I haven't even started my study this week. eek