Friday, September 7, 2012

Flashback Friday

It's Flashback Friday time!  Steve & I will celebrate 8 years of marriage on the 18th, so I thought I would take advantage of Flashback Friday to go back through the years.  You've probably seen many of these photos before, but some of you are new readers so they may be new to you.
Summer 1998- the year it all began.  Just a mere 19 and 20 years old, it's hard to believe I met my future husband at 19! 
We survived some time apart when Steve lived in Frederick, MD for 3 months.  I visited for a weekend and was treated to the beautiful Baltimore, MD inner harbor.
 May 2002- Steve finally graduated college.  He likes to tease me that I was in school for so long, it took me 5 1/2 years, took him 6.
February 2003- a Valentine's trip to Gatlinburg for my sister's wedding. 
 September 18, 2004 Husband & wife!!!!

 Just a few months after saying "I do" we got to celebrate a dear friend saying "I do".   It was fun to make wedding plans with Sharon at the same time.
We took an anniversary trip back to Disney World, we went there on our honeymoon as well.   
If two trips weren't enough, we headed back down to Orlando in February 2007. 
 9 months after that last trip, we welcomed Cooper Andrew into our family.  5 days old celebrating his first Thanksgiving.
 Although our first anniversary was spent in Disney World, we had maybe even a better 4th anniversary- 13 row seats to see Peyton Manning in action.   The game we went to was exactly one year to the day that Cameron was born, this was in 2009.  Obviously with the birth of Cameron we wouldn't have been able to up in 2010 for a game, Peyton was injured in 2011 and now he is gone.  Worth every penny to see that game!
 Just 5 days before our 6th wedding anniversary we welcomed Cameron Scott into this world....
 making our family complete!
I can't wait to see what God has in plan for us the next 8 years!


Jaime Mac said...

FUN post! Loved all the old pictures! You looked SOOOO beautiful on your wedding day! Love your dress!!!

Susie said...

Great fun!!

ginmommy said...

I love it, James! You were def a beautiful bride, BUT you are a beautiful girl, so makes sense! )))

Alicia Mcafee said...

Happy anniversary!! :) :)

Tracey said...

How did I not know (or remember) that Steve lived in MD for 3 months??!! Great post. :) Love looking back...