Friday, September 28, 2012

Flashback Friday

Each season of life brings about new and exciting adventures to be had.  However, right now I am longing for the season of my babies.
Play dates in the park, without the distraction of school/preschool schedules.
 Play dates at the house, any time, any day.

 No schedules, just pure fun.
 Babies in strollers
 Friends who were only a short drive away.
Yes, I miss those days. 


Jaime Mac said...

It appears you are not alone today in your longing for your babies...someone else is in the fetal position in the corner.... (her name starts with a Gin & ends with a mommy...)

Memories...hard to believe how fast time goes, huh? That means we're getting old... sigh...

ginmommy said...

HA! Thanks for calling me out there JaimeMac! Hilarious.

I have never seen that picture of Pierce and I! OH GEEZ, now I'm even MORE sad. I will be in the corner the rest of the day if anyone needs me!

Susie said...

I know once they start school life is so busy!!

Alicia Mcafee said...

Agreed! I miss those days too. I hate that Sam is in school all day every day! I want him home with ME!