Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Last Day of Summer Vacation

Today was our last day of summer vacation and we celebrated by doing nothing.  We have enough going starting tomorrow and especially next week that we needed just a relaxing day at home. 
A couple weeks ago we went to Target in search of a school folder.  He had just plain red one last year, poor kid, so I was going to let him pick out his own this year.  School had already started so it slim pickins'.  I tried a different aisle and we were in luck because I found an Angry Birds one.  It was perfect.
We played with our neighbor and her grandson for about an hour this morning.  For some reason or another this morning warranted binoculars.

 Cameron had his backpack and lawnmower ready to go. 
 His absolute favorite activity is to throw rocks down the drain. 
 I have silly boys!
 We did have one appointment today and that was back to school haircuts.  I forgot to take a picture of Cooper when it was all done, I'm sure I'll get plenty tomorrow.  OH MY!  He is adorbs!
This is last years back to school haircut.  I mean really?  He was only 3! 
 Cameron needed one too.  He was so good.  Once I gave him the sucker he was all business.
The rest of our day was uneventful.  This is me after a 2 mile run in the heat and humidity this evening.  I have to say every step is miserable but I have never got back in my house and thought to myself, "man I sure did regret that run".


ginmommy said...

In the words of my grandmother, "it's as thick as pea soup outside today!" Miserable! But good for you running anyways! And I hope that Cooper has a great first day tomorrow!

Jill said...

Good luck to Cooper tomorrow. He's an old pro this time around though. ;) Love your running pic. It was way.too.hot! :)

Susie said...

Good Luck to Cooper!!

Jaime Mac said...

wow, Cooper looks SO much bigger than last year!

LOVE the pic of you after your run! Fun stuff! Good for you for doing it even though it's uber sticky outside!

the lewis gang said...

you are so right! as hard as some days may be working out, in the end...you never regret it! good for you! looks like couch to 5k is working for you!!