Sunday, September 23, 2012

Rounding out the weekend

Cooper had another soccer game Saturday morning.  We are halfway through the season now, it's going quick.  He is still have a ton of playing, which I am so thankful for.  We have such a small window of time before sports get competitive, I just want him to have fun and enjoy it.

Between being sick and playing soccer he has tired enough to take another nap on Saturday.  He snuggled up with me in my bed and was asleep in no time.  Cameron on the other hand was having a party in his crib at nap time.  I went in there and rocked him to sleep.  It's not everyday I have one kid fall asleep next to me and the other one me. 
Saturday night I got to have a girls night to see Carrie Underwood!  My cousin Susan and her friend came down from Indy for it.  It's the same cousin that came down for New Kids last summer. 
 We had lower level seats, we were far back but straight on to the stage. 
 In case you were wondering, I did wear the boots. 
 This girl can sing!  I remember watching her initial American Idol audition and she was my favorite right away.  We should all hate her really, the hair, the voice, the legs!!!

She put on a great show.  She had 5 costume changes, I can only imagine the crew of people backstage ripping off clothes and putting new ones on in matter of just a few minutes.
After church today we headed up to Sharon's house for Allie's birthday party.  I wish I had gotten some pictures but Cameron was in a mood.  First because he was hungry, Sharon lives in Perry County (about 30 minutes from Holiday World) and they are an hour behind us.  Normally it wouldn't have mattered eating a late lunch but someone was stubborn and didn't eat breakfast.  Then he kept falling and hurting himself.  He ran into their dinning room table and got a bruise under his eye.  Then all he wanted to do was play on their swing set.  I haven't seen that many tears from him in a long time.  I know Sharon took some so I will get some from her later.  
After Cooper being sick last week and a busy weekend I am looking forward to getting back into our routine this week.  Cooper is back to 100% so I know he is looking forward to being back in school.  He even told Steve this weekend that our house was bored and he wanted to be in school.  HA!


ginmommy said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend to me!

Jaime Mac said...

Looks like you had great seats for the concert! Yes, HATE Carrie Underwood! :)
Sorry about cranky Cameron at the par-tay. I know where perry county is - it's like FOREVER away...even for ME!

Tracey said...

Fun weekend!!! :) Carrie ROCKS, even tho I don't like country and I hate her because of her legs. ;)

The boys are too cute in their soccer attire, aren't they?!!

Alicia Mcafee said...

LOVE the pic of the boots!!! LOVE THEM!!! Yes, we should all hate her. You are right but it's hard to!

Sweet soccer pics! :)

melanie said...

fun times!
I bet Carrie was great. She is one of the few I would like to see that sing country. I know she is one of Matt's favorites. I don't think it is all just her voice either.