Friday, September 2, 2011

Play Dates, Play Dates, and more Play Dates

This was our last official week of summer. Next week starts preschool and speech. Our church playgroup also starts back up which will keep our weeks busy. I jammed back some fun stuff into our week.... need to keep up that mother of the year award after buying Swimmy. On Wednesday we had a playgroup with Shawna from Jazzericse and her two boys. Cooper used to play with Hawk when I went to class, I think they both had a great time.

On Thursday we stopped by a yard sale and picked up some fun new toys. We already have a big box of Mega Blocks but one can never have too many. Now we have a wagon to go with them. Of course there is a warning label inside that it is only to be used for storing blocks and not for sitting in. This hasn't stopped either of my children. We also got a fun new ramp for the cars. Cooper loves this one.

After an early lunch we had another play date, this with a family in our neighborhood. We met the family at the pool one day and it just so happens Cooper and their son Keanen went to Tot Time together. They also have a girl the same age as Cameron. Keanen wanted to have Cooper over for a play date but of course they spent more time arguing over toys. Oh to be three again!

Today topped it all! We met Sharon, Allie, and Wyatt at Chuck E Cheese. As always, Cooper had a blast. There was no whining, no complaining, no crying! Must have been my lucky day. Cameron was even a good sport despite being confined in a stroller the whole time.

After Chuck E Cheese we stopped by Shoe Carnival to get some new back to school shoes. This back to school stuff is killing me. Can I just stop time for the next two years before I have to do it for real?

We came home and the Heavens were still shining down on us as the boys played good until nap time. Well, Cooper didn't nap. Two hours at Chuck E Cheese and no nap! I think he looks a little scary here.

This kid will not stay out of the food. Every time I turn around he is in the cabinets trying to get something out.

This totally makes up for it though. There is nothing sweeter than turning around to find your boys playing with one another.... and playing nice!

To end our night we tried out Sweet & Swirly. It's a yogurt shop with your choice of toppings. Be careful though, they charge you by the ounce. I'd like to go back and try it again, I sacrificed and got something that was Cameron friendly. The only downside is I did not see a single highchair.

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Holiday weekend. No big plans here, Steve is working most of the weekend... just chillaxin at home and trying to stay out of the heat.


Susie said...

Ellie has that same wagon with blocks. She loved getting in it too. Haven't got it out for Madelyn yet.

The McAfee's said...

jake and jackson have those same shoes! they are popular! fun stuff! i can't wait until we start getting together!

ginmommy said...

Mr. big stuff will be starting school soon!! Can't believe the time has already come!! I hope he loves it.