Saturday, September 24, 2011

Friday Playdate

Alicia, Shawna, and I have gotten into a groove of an every other Friday play date. We had plans this week to go to Huber's. I got a text from Alicia just past 6:00 am saying it was raining. I don't know what is more crazy, the fact she texted at 6 am or that I was up to get it. I said we could just move it to my house. I feel like we are a "cool" house, you know the ones with fun toys. Steve and I used to threaten Scott if he got the boys anything obnoxious because we had no room for it. Now we just let him be as obnoxious as he wants. As soon as everyone arrived Cooper felt the need to pass out giant marshmallows. Why not, it's a play date! Sometime before lunch I look over and Cooper had a bag of donuts in his hand. I'm not for sure where Hawk was but Cooper and Jake had a pre-lunch treat. He also passed out fruit snacks after lunch. He was so cute, all morning long he kept asking if he could give his friends fruit snacks. Sorry it's what you get when you come here. I know you Alicia, I read your blog, I see you passing out candy all.the.time.

The boys had a blast playing all morning. Cooper must have been low on blood sugar, after some food he perked up and had fun too. He was a little moody at first.

Total cuteness! I had to steal a few of these from Alicia's blog.

Hawk had on the Buzz costume and before lunch he had a diaper change and put it right back on.

It was a good fun morning! Thanks for coming girls and helping clean up, although I'm sure many things were thrown back out again. I have given up on cleaning up those balls.

Oh and for the record, Rome, Nora, and Cameron were there as well. Rome and Nora slept most of the time and Cameron climbed most of the time.


The McAfee's said...

Thanks for having us over!!! I was surprised that you texted me back right away!!! I've been waking up so early and just laying there in bed awake with Daniel being gone! Just another reason why I am ready for him to be home! I need a good nights sleep! I don't know what you are talking about.... I never pass out anything that contains sugar!! ha! :)

ginmommy said...

Looks like a really fun playdate!!

Jaime Mac said...

Cute post! Looks like you had a great time. I wouldn't attend a playdate if there was no candy. those kids are smart...