Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happy Birthday, Cameron!

What a year it has been! A few weeks ago we were in Steve's car and inside the pocket of the passenger side door I found our church bulletin from September 12, 2010. On the back was the sticker I used to pick Cooper up from his classroom. That was the last time we would ever have one child on our pick-up ticket. I still remember that day, thinking this is it, our life is about to change. The next morning, at 8:06 Cameron Scott was brought into this world.

Here he is today at 8:06.

Cameron, you are one feisty little boy. At just a year old, you have a mind all your own. I love watching your face as daddy walks in the door after work. Once 7:30 hits it is all about mommy. I love watching the interaction between you and Cooper. You are the first he greets when picking him up from school. You light up when you see him in the morning. You are getting better with Mamaw and Papaw, although once again it is all on your own time. Anyone else is pretty much off limits. We are trying to work through the separation anxiety issues, I believe you will always be a momma's boy and this fine with me. You are also a funny little guy and a teaser. You like to crawl over to something you know you are not supposed to do and wait for us to look at you and then you get the biggest smile. If someone is eating they better watch out. I can throw away my broom and dust pan because you are more than happy to eat our crumbs off the floor. I do try to stop this, most of the time! You are standing on your own and even took about 4 steps tonight but you crawl so fast that it suits you just fine. One your own time, I've already learned that. Cameron Scott, you are just too precious for words!

Cooper had school and speech today so we didn't do anything special. Once I dropped off Cooper we stopped by Jay C and got a donut to share.

I think Cameron is really going to like his one on one time a couple times a week.


Susie said...

To cute when they look and around and smile at you when they know they are not doing something they are supposed to. Happy Birthday Cameron!!

The McAfee's said...

Happy birthday Cameron!! :)

ginmommy said...

Happy Birthday Cameron!! Been a wild ride of a year with you little man! I can't wait to see what the next year brings for you. Sweet boy.

Jaime Mac said...

Happy birthday, Cameron! Love the pic of you & him at 8:06 THIS year!

Beth, Joshua, Isabella and McKinley said...

beautiful post. happy Birthday Cameron!!!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Cameron! :)