Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Birthdays and Bee Hives

It's been a long couple weeks here in the Lee household.   First there was my car.  It's been almost a month now but one day I realized the air wasn't working.  I ended up taking it to three different places before someone (the dealer) could tell me what it was.  Luckily I did not go with the first place who told me $1200 for a new compressor cause it ended up being a valve for a quarter of the price.   

Then there has been Steve's schedule.  He has two home health patients he sees both twice a week after work.  He has to work this around Cooper's practices and games since he is helping to coach and also his basketball league schedule.  Luckily basketball ended last week cause it happened to be on the same night as tee ball practice.  Several nights a week he gets home after dinner. I can't complain though cause this is helping to pay for Disney.

Two weeks ago Cameron had strep and last week Cooper had an ear infection and pink eye.  Between both kids being sick and my car I ended up missing most of Community Bible Study since we got back from Spring Break.  It ended last week and I missed sharing day cause Cooper was home sick.  Luckily I did make it the day Cameron and his class did their performance on stage.  Oh it was just too adorable for words.  And of course Cameron proudly wore his tie.  Which he has been known to wear with basketball shorts. 

Things have been a little hectic lately, especially for Steve, but we've managed some fun too.  Cooper lost another tooth.  This one already has the adult tooth coming in.

I let the kids talk me into camping out in the living room this past Friday night.  Even on special occasions Cameron will pass out by 8:30.

Cooper wasn't far behind and was asleep by 9:15.  At one point in the night I looked down, from the couch, and they appeared to be cuddling.

They woke me up at 6:30.  This was the morning of my birthday and Cooper was the first to wish me Happy Birthday, it was sweet.  I survived the camp out.

This one was plum worn out.  That afternoon we told him to go lay in his bed for some rest time and he fell asleep, I couldn't even wake him up at 5.

I had a great birthday. Steve and the boys got donuts that morning, my mom took me out shopping and for lunch, then Steve's parents and brothers came by for pizza and to watch the Derby that evening.  Steve got me a Kindle and a case for it, it's party of Mother's Day too, and my mom got me some new skin care products.  I'm 35 now, I can't be messing around with no Coach purses anymore.  

This is random but cute.

So today I was minding my own business when my neighbor knocked on my back door to alert me that I have a BEE HIVE IN MY FRONT YARD!

This is steps from my front yard and that is not part of the honey comb, those are all honey bees.  We had someone come out earlier today and he said it looked like it could be up to 300 bees.  He is supposed to come after dark to get it sprayed.  I HAVE A BEE HIVE IN MY FRONT YARD!!!

It's always something.


Lynne and Nick said...

wow - those are a lot of bees!!

Jill said...

Sounds like a GREAT birthday. Jami-those bees!!! Yikes! Glad you got the problem solved.

ginmommy said...

Seriously those bees scare the CRAP out of me. How exactly did they kill them without getting attacked?

Alicia Mcafee said...

That's huge!!!

Glad it was a fun birthday!