Monday, May 26, 2014

"Cooper does this and Cooper does that"

I'm getting way behind on blogging and with a few good blog worthy events coming up in the next couple weeks I better get a move on it.  This may be all over the place.

We have this thing we do at home, when Cameron gets in trouble for any reason the first thing out of his mouth is, "But Cooper....".  So in a sing song voice we like to say, "Cooper does this and Cooper does this".  This post, and the next couple posts, may have a lot to do with Cooper but it's just because he has a lot going on right now.

A couple weeks ago he attended basketball camp at the high school with the high school players and coach.  The bus picked the kids up and took them to the high school where they had camp till 5:45 each evening of the week.  He was exhausted, but had a blast.  He won a pass to get in free to one home game next season and to be the ball boy or water boy.  That's gonna be fun!  He also won a 2nd place ribbon for shooting and slides.  Go Cooper!  

Last Saturday we had Booster Day for tee ball.  Our coach was out of town so everything was on us.  Steve and I decorated the truck, sat with the kids on the truck, I gathered our basket donations and turned it in, I worked concession, and Steve coached.  Steve also had a home health patient that day, all before 3.  

(Sorry my iphone 4 pictures are so blurry, really trying to hold out for that iphone 6)

Our driver didn't show up with the truck until about 10 minutes before the parade.  It didn't turn out half bad all things considering.

 Speaking of tee-ball, Cooper is doing great! I can see a huge difference, especially in his fielding.

That's him diving for the ball. He hustles for pretty much every ball, he likes to play third cause most balls are hit that way.

The only negative I can say about tee ball this year is that they reorganized it and now they use the tee all the time.  Last year the coaches gave them few tries to hit a ball that was pitched.  There is a huge jump from this league to the next age group, I just wish they could practice hitting a pitched ball.

There have been and will be some events coming up at school that I'm involved in.  Friday I worked their incentive reward day and earlier that week Cooper asked me to have lunch with him.  Of course!

I can't believe there are only 9 days of school left.

I can't make a post all about Cooper, so this is just a snapshot of what my little guy is up to...

He is a mess!  There are no other words to describe him. He's my mess though!  This child is the complete opposite of me in so many ways, I think God knew just what I needed.  


Susie said...

Way to go Cooper!!

Tracey said...

That's awesome Coop!
I think little boys in baseball attire is just about the most adorable thing EVER!