Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Weekend in Review

Last Friday was field trip day.  The kindergarten class took a field trip to the Louisville Science Center and we had a blast!

Cameron and I are together all day every day so I love it when I get to spend some one on one time with my big guy.

I can remember in school going on field trips and still having to do something educational.  Not this time.  School is so different these days, all they do is work, work, work.  Therefore our field trip days are a free for all.   Our only schedule was to meet at a certain for lunch since they had the cafeteria reserved and we had a reserved time for Kids Zone.  These little kids got to play their heart out all day long.

They didn't put a limit on how many parents could do, so many signed up that most people only had their own child to watch.  I had Cooper and one other little boy, who ended up being the easiest kid on the planet.  Of course we also hung out with Luke most of the time.

 Ms. Harbin asked me a couple times if Ernesto was being good and this picture says it all.  I'm sure you can guess who was being the handful.

I am so blessed I was able to go and do this.  Sometimes I long for that day when I venture out and get me a paying job but I know for now this is where I belong and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Saturday morning we headed up to Charlestown's Arts and Enrichment Center for Star Wars Days.  I think this was the first year Charlestown has put this on, it was our first time going, so I wasn't sure what to expect.  Turned out to be good, and it was all free.

They had a few characters dressed up, a few games and books, they made light sabers with glow sticks, got tattoos, free snacks, and we even won a door prize.  Did I mention it was all free?

We celebrated my birthday with Steve's parents on Saturday night, they were busy the week before so that is why we did later.  Steve wanted his parents to see my Mother's Day gift so they gave it to me a day early.  He made a slideshow on DVD of pictures of the boys and I.  I told him not even get me anything since my birthday is close, so this was the perfect free gift.  Cooper also wanted to give me the things he made at school.  He had it in his backpack one day and got so secretive about it, would not let me open it up.

We had dinner out on Sunday with my in laws and my mom and everyone came back for brownies. I made homemade icing for them and this may be my favorite picture ever!  16 school days left and he will be a first grader.

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Susie said...

Glad you enjoyed the4 Science Center with Cooper! Ellie did too! I chose not to go this time because I had just taken the girls there.